Should you put your dogs name on its tag.

The control of dogs order 1992 states that you must have the owners name on the collar tag.

Every Dog whilst in a public place must wear a collar with the name and address of the owner inscribed on the collar Tag


(2) Paragraph (1) above shall not apply to—


(a)any pack of hounds,

(b)any dog while being used for sporting purposes,

(c)any dog while being used for the capture or destruction of vermin,

(d)any dog while being used for the driving or tending of cattle or sheep,

(e)any dog while being used on official duties by a member of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces or Her Majesty’s Customs and Excise or the police force for any area,

(f)any dog while being used in emergency rescue work, or

(g)any dog registered with the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association.


However, many people like to have the name of their pet inscribed on their tag, but Because of the number of pets that go missing and get stollen every year for breeding purposes, we do not recommend having your pets name on their tag.


What Should be on a pet id tag?

depending on the size and style of the id tag that you have purchased, you are required by law to include - 

1, Your Family Name

2, House Number and Postcode

3, A Contactable Phone Number


These are the minimum requirements and we can get thease details on every pet id tag that we sell.


Our Dog id Tags are all engraved her in the UK from our premises in Norfolk and are all engraved to the highest standards. We use quality materials sourced from our trusted suppliers from all over the world. We only purchase the very best in quality and not the seconds that you may very well find cheaper on eBay and Amazon. Some of the reasons these tags are cheaper are, 

1. They have not been platted or finished to the standard set out by their quality control.

2. Aluminium Colour Coated Tags.

The anodized colour coating has become weak in the plating prosses and therefore has altered the colour shading and plating properties. ( This would cause the colour to wear away faster.

3. Chrome, Silver, Gold and Polished Nickel Plated tags, you would expect there to be next to no contamination in the platting. ( They should have next to no pimples or specs of dust in the plating.

So when the manufacturers of these tags find tags that are not up to scratch and do not pass their own quality control standards they are sold to the wholesalers at a vastly reduced price.

We pay the top money for all our tags because we know they are of the best quality.


You can be confident that when you purchase a tag from us you will be receiving the very best value for money. We also use our own special engraving technique that no other engraver would ever possibly use to engrave their tags to ensure that our tags are engraved with text that will last.

So if your looking for a quality engraved pet id tag you can choose from our

Glitter Dog Id Tags, or one of our fabulous Chrome Plated Diamante Tags, maybe a Colourful Aluminium Tag to match the colour of your pets collar.

We even sell the original Traditional Pet Id Tags made from Brass and not Steel.


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