30mm Round Stainless Steel Dog Id Tag

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A Stainless Steel dog id tag when engraved correctly will last Years and we are pleased to announce that we are now producing these tags from our premises here in Norfolk. Our 30mm tags can have 5 lines of text on each side.

We also use our all-new fibre laser to mark these tags with clear black precise text, that will never fade.

We recommend that you do not put your home address on due to the number of dogs that have been stolen lately.

It's very easy for someone to say hello to your pet whilst you are out and about and if they are a criminal they could pet your dog and see the address on a tag then plan their next move. ( Don't make this easy for them. )

We recommend your Name, Contact Numbers, Any allergies if there is room, and a note say microchipped or Spayed.

After all the point of a pet id tag is to have your pet returned to you in the very shortest timescale available. So a Mobile of yours or even a friend is a perfect choice. 

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