Welcome to our new website for 2020.

We have been in the engraving industry for more than 20 years and consider ourselves experts when it comes to engraving. We also own theengravingshop.co.uk that is number 1 on google for Brass Plaques and Signs here in the UK.

So when you shop with us, you can be sure you are dealing with a reputable company that knows what they are doing.

We operate from our premises in Caister on sea, Great Yarmouth and have a royal mail collection service Monday to Friday every week.

When you order a pet id tag from us, we are confident that if you have purchased an id tag before from another supplier, you will see this difference in our engraving.

We genuinely use a different engraving Technic to ensure that your inscription will not fade away from the id tag leaving that vital contact information unreadable.

We are also so confident in our service that we give you a lifetime text guarantee as well on all the id tags we produce.

Now Here are some faqs about pet id tags.

Faq 1, When a manufacturer designs a pet tag, and it goes into production, it very quickly gets placed on sites to sell to the wholesalers that then sell them onto us engravers.

Then what happens is other manufacturers of pet tags then copy the designs but at a lower quality and then flood the market with what we call cheaper inferior products.

We do not purchase the inferior tags we only buy the best quality tags for our customers because we rely on your recommendations and satisfaction to keep our business operating.

All we ask of our customers is to leave us a review on the quality of our tags and the service they received.