Pet ID Tags affiliate programme: the EASY way to make money from home

Would you like to earn extra money from home simply for using social media? With our affiliate programme, now you can earn funds while promoting a worthwhile service. In fact, you can even earn money while you sleep!

If you’ve got a flair for promoting products, or simply feel that you can reach a receptive audience through your social media accounts or website, now’s your chance to get involved with the Pet ID Tags affiliate opportunity.

How it works

It’s quick, free and easy to join our affiliate programme. When you sign up, you’ll be provided with access to your own Pet ID Tags dashboard where you’ll have complete control over the marketing processes you choose – and you’ll also be able to keep track of how much money you’ve made from promoting products you believe in.

We’re flexible when it comes to product promotion. You can use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn to share product links with your friends, fans and followers, or you can promote our products via links placed on your own company website or individual blog. The choice is yours.

How much money could I make?

In challenging times, we understand that increasing numbers of people are having to work from home. If you’d like to earn money from the comfort of your living room, this could be the opportunity for you.

To begin with, you’ll earn a commission of 10% for every product you sell via our affiliate programme. However, affiliates who sell a lot of products will be eligible for commission rate increases. We want to work with you to ensure we’re all successful – the more you put in, the more rewards you’ll receive.

Make money for your charity

If you’re involved with a local or national charity, you can use our affiliate scheme to help raise vital funds. Simply sign up with your charity credentials, and for every Pet ID Tag sold via your affiliate links, 10% of the proceeds will go towards your charity of choice. Now you can promote interesting products and give something back at the same time – and it couldn’t be easier!

Find out more

If you’d like to know more about this fantastic opportunity to make money from home while promoting products you believe in, please feel free to contact our team. We’ll endeavour to respond to any questions you have, and we’ll be happy to advise you on the best ways to get involved with our affiliate marketing programme.

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