We have noticed a dramatic increase of cheap inferior pet tags being sold here in the UK on eBay and amazon and on the Web.

So we would like to inform our potential customers and alert them to this. 

Over recent years we have seen a sharp increase of Pet Tags available from countries such as China. Unfortunately while these Pet Tags come at a cheaper price, there is a very good reason why they are so cheap.

We have carried out our own investigations into cheap Pet Tag imports, and have found that they lack quality. 

So we now have only a handful of trusted suppliers that we purchase our tags from.

You can see for yourself, in the example images which display one of our Pet Tags with a Pet Tag ordered from ebay that came from China. We have found that more than often, cheap Pet Tags are not worth ordering because they simply will not last and you will end up spending out more money more often to get them replaced.

tag thickness

So if you are looking for Quality Pet Tags, our suggestion is not to go for the cheapest on the market, but pick a tag that is produced by a reputable supplier such as ourselves.

We are of course here for you to ask us any questions about pet id tags.