Custom made dog tags for pet organisations

Dog tags are an essential piece of kit for anyone who's looking after a pet - so why not let yours do some advertising for you? Customised ID tags with your business' logo and contact information are a quick and easy way to not only ensure the safety of the dogs in your care, but also provide a bit of on-the-street marketing for potential clients.

Custom made ID tags are ideal for organisations such as kennels, where dogs will be staying away from their home. If a dog's owner is on holiday, then the contact information on its regular tag won't be of much use. A business tag, containing the contact information for the kennels, is far more effective.

These bespoke tags are also useful for dog walkers. You may be taking care of several dogs at a time, so having them all wearing the same branded tags, complete with your contact details, offers a simple solution to the problem of canine safety. Your clients' pets may have their own dog tags, but it's much more effective - not to mention more responsible - for them to change to one with your details while they're in your care. What's more, these branded dog tags can help attract more clients to your dog walking business.

Our deeply engraved ID tags are designed to stay legible even if the dogs are off adventuring in the great outdoors. Made from aluminium, sturdy acrylic plastic, or pure brass, these dog tags are built to last, and can be worn by any size and breed of dog. They can be engraved with your company logo, as well as the necessary contact details. Different shapes and designs offer the chance to personalise the dog tags, making your brand shine as well as keeping the pets safe.

We pride ourselves on our work and our attention to detail, and we're confident that these collar tags for dog walkers and kennels will be an excellent addition to your business. We use only the best materials, chosen for toughness, durability, and resistance to problems like rust and corrosion. You can rest assured that these dog tags will remain clearly legible under every weather condition.

One of the best things about using branded custom dog tags for kennels and dog walkers is that you'll be able to reuse the same tags for more dogs in the future. It's worth reminding your clients that having an individual dog's name on their collar can potentially put the animal in danger. On reading the name, dognappers may use it to build up a rapport with the pet, making it easier to snatch the animal without raising the alarm. These branded dog tags will contain the contact information for your organisation, as well as its logo, but they don't need to have each pet's name - a better choice for you, as you can reuse the tags, and a better choice the dog's safety.

For more information, or to order your branded dog tags, please feel free to contact us today.