Pet Tags for dogs have been around for many years and are worn on the collar of your dog to let the finder of your dog know who they belong to. There are thousands of companies that sell tags for dogs but you should be more concerned about the quality of the item that you are purchasing. 

Tags for dogs can be engraved using any font in the world but in the world of engraving and making money you will find that most engravers will engrave your item using a single line font. Using a single line font to make a letter on a tag is lightning fast and lets face it what engraver wouldn't want to produce a pet tag every 30 seconds. 

This is why some sellers will be happy to make a pet tag for just a couple of quid. and of course they sell a lot of tags, but the quality is just not at its best and you will end up replacing the tag in a short space of time.

Looking at a tag that has been produced using a single line font may look ok when you first get your tag but after a short time the letters will start to fade and wear away. 

Why do they wear away.?

They wear away because the engraver has used a Diamond that is sprung loaded OR because they have have only used enough pressure to break through the surface of the tag. after all the diamond tips that are used for engraving cost between £30 - £45 a time Not a cheap item to replace when the diamond becomes blunt or chips after engraving metal tags for dogs.

How ever we engrave our tags using a multi line font that simply will not fade because it actually removes material from the tag, not just simply scratches the letters into a tag.

We also engrave every tag twice to ensure it is engraved deeper and the engraving has actually gone into the base material. again to ensure your details will not fade.

We also use another secret weapon to ensure your tag is deep engraved, but that is the secret to our success and we can't make that available to other engravers out their.

So after all this said if you require a quality tag for your dog that has been engraved to the the very highest quality and will last you years instead of you having to replace it after 6 months or less. Then order your pet id tags from us.

Follow that old saying. You get what you pay for.