Why choose us?

Sometimes your pet will roam beyond the safety of your garden, or a gate may mistakenly be left open. Whatever the situation, finding out your pet is missing is very upsetting and could possibly place your pet in a dangerous situation. 

There is a way that could help ease the stress at times like these; knowing that your pet is wearing one of our Grade-A premium pet ID tags. You can even have two or three if you can't fit all of the information onto one tag. The market is saturated with companies producing pet tags, and you have probably been searching for the right tag for your pet for a while but are confused by all the options. Rest assured you have come to the right place;
we stand out from the crowd because we produce outstanding quality dog and cat ID tags as well as general pet ID tags. Our tags are deeply engraved, our solid brass tags are inlaid with black and then highly polished so they’re highly readable as well as stylish. Each animal tag is fitted with a split ring which makes it very easy to attach to any collar type. Once you order your ID tag, we will produce it to your exact specifications and post to you for next day delivery if you wish, so you will receive your premium tag very fast without compromising on quality. It is a good idea to order multiple tags, so you will always have a spare, should your pet’s collar accidentally fall off or open, as in the case of quick-release collars, so you can easily replace it and keep your pet safe. We can accommodate single orders or even bulk orders; please have a look at our fantastic range of dog tags, cat name tags and pet ID tags and look out for our special multi-buy and bulk buy tags offers. When you buy with us, you can easily do repeat orders and, as we keep your chosen text on file, you can easily order new tags at a touch of a button; with our fast post service you will never be without a tag!