Holiday Pet id Tag Red 32 mm

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A Holiday Pet Tag is Crucial.

If you are taking your pets (or pet) on Vacation with you, then a Holiday Pet id Tag is essential. Your Pet loves to be with you whilst on holiday, but should you become separated from your pet then you will need to be reunited with them as soon as possible. This is where our Holiday Pet id tags serve their purpose by attracting the attention of the finder of your pet and contacting you straight away.

If your pet only has a tag on its collar that indicates your home address and home phone number then your pet risks being sent to an expensive dog pound until either you return from your holiday or someone if anyone can contact you.

You need to have either the address of where you are staying for your holiday or the contact number you can be contacted on.

We have found that the most popular holiday pet tag is our RED-EYE-CATCHING TAG because it will get the attention of the finder of your companion.

These tags are supplied with a free lobster clasp so you can clip it on and off the collar of your pet when you go out.

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