Luxury Silver Plated Bone Pet id Tag

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Owning a dog is a great responsibility. We come to raise them from a puppy, and with time, love, patience, and training, they grow up and become members of our family. They are always faithful, loyal, and provide us with unconditional love that we treasure when the day has been long. Always glad to see us at the door when we get home, eager to please and see that we're happy. But sometimes, they can be boisterous and let the curious nature get the better of them and they get out. Be sure your pet has a tag so they can be easily found should they break loose! These durable silver-plated bone-shaped ID tags are just the thing to identify our pets and where their homes are. There is enough room for information to have them reunited with their worried masters, and have them back home again in time for a nice bowl of kibble. Available in two different sizes. Be sure to pick one up today!

Luxury Silver Plated Bone Pet id Tag available in 2 Sizes.
  • 30 mm x 25 mm Small
  • 38 mm x 25 mm Medium

The Silver bones are plated with 925 silver plate
On the small Bone, we suggest a max of 2 lines on each side.
On the Medium Bone, we suggest a max of 4 lines on each side.

We also use our own multi-line font that will not fade.

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